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This is about the inn.

Candy in Bondage the Slutty Magical Spread Eagle Inflatable Sex Doll has an inn that is connected to a brothel, theater, tavern, general store, magic shop, and adventuring store.

The inn is in the main keep of Doll City.

The inn is a two-story stone-walled building, with reinforced carved wooden doors and a red tile roof and tiled mosaic floor with elf-wrought tables and chairs. It has a small walled yard and garden. A small stable behind the inn has room for a few horses. It is fancifully decorated, and brightly lit by magical cancdles and crystal chandeliers. A colleciton of exotic drinking vessels rests upon a long shelf. Accommodations consist of several large rooms with beds and feather mattresses and wooden cots near the hearth. A large private bathhouse is available to guests. The inn once belonged to a wizard, and patrons sometimes experience strange of prophetic dreams. A magic portal in the cellar opens into the Monga Jungle and another opens into the Frostfell Mountains. from donjon fantasy inn

The innkeeper is a friendly female elf named Witha. She is a retired adventurer who seems to know someone in every land and realm, and keeps a collection of exotic coins and trinkets. She wears a collection of protective charms and talismans. She extends a small discount to bards. from donjon fantasy inn


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