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Candy in Bondage the Slutty Magical Spread Eagle Inflatable Sex Doll has several magic/science fiction vehicles.

Each has a larger interior than exterior, an effect created by both magic and advanced technology, so the vehicles can exist in both no-magic and no-high tech realms.

Candy in Bondage can be in any combination of the vehicles, from none to all. She is a state of superposition. As she is indestructible, she is unharmed even if any one of or all of the vehciles is destroyed. She can regenerate a destroyed or damaged vehicle after the passage of a certain amount of time (which varies by the vehicle and her current level).

All of Candy’s vehicles can be used on land, the surface of the water, submerged under the surface of the water, in flight (from hovering to very fast flight), in space, and elsewhere.

personal car: Her personal car. It can appear to be a chariot or other personal vehicle pulled by a draft animal. car

team vehicle: Her team vehicle. team vehicle

yacht: Her personal yacht. yacht

plane: A large plane. plane

ship: A large ship. ship

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This is about plane.

Candy in Bondage the Slutty Magical Spread Eagle Inflatable Sex Doll has a large plane.


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