Candy in Bondage
kigurumi fraternity doll story

kigurumi fraternity doll story

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Fraternity Doll story:

This is a variation on the Candy in Bondage story where a kigurumi fan wears a doll costume to a fraternity party.

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Fraternity Doll:

This is just an outline for a story still in progress.

This is a variant of the main Candy in Bondage story line.

YOU are the main character in this story.

Fraternity doll story:

Note that fraternity and sorority letters are generated at random. Any match with any real fraternity is the reuslt of random chance.


YOU see an online ad offering pay for someone to dress up in kigurumi and be a sex doll at a fraternity party.

That sounds interesting to YOU. You could use the money and it sounds like YOU might enjoy the experience.

YOU reply to the ad and within seconds a pop-up chat connects you to a service representative.

The offer is $100,000 deposited into your bank account up front upon arrival at their processing facility and another $900,000 upon the completion of one week as a doll, for a cool one million dollars.

YOU accept. They have you sign an e-contract and then send a driver to pick YOU up.

A beautiful young woman dressed in a lab coat and carrying a clipboard meets you at the door of the facility.

“I am Dr. Carter. We need to review the terms so there is no confusion. You understand you will wear a doll suit for a week and during that week you will be passed around as an inflatable love doll. The leaders of the fraternities know that you are a human being inside the doll suit and must be kept safe and returned at the end fo the week, but none of the pledges being hazed will know. All of the pledges will think they are having sex with a model Candy in Bondage the Slutty Magical Spread Eagle Inflatable Sex Doll. Please read the contract carefully and initial each paragraph in the box to its side. If you have any questions, speak up before you sign the contract.”

The doctor hands YOU the clip board and YOU read through the entire multi-page contract, initialing each paragraph and finally signing it.

“I see you are getting excited thinking about this. I think you will enjoy the experience, Please follow me.”

The doctor escorts you to a laboratory deep inside the building.

There are a couple of male attendants waiting in the laboratory.

“I need you to undress, please.”

YOU hesitate briefly before cautiously removing your clothing and hand each item to one of the attendants.

“Your underwear also.”

YOU turn bright red in embarassment. YOU slowly strip off your underwear, revealing your less than adequate “manhood”.

Dr. Carter briefly giggles, then immediately returns to a professional demeanor. YOU see a mocking grin on the face of the attendant.

YOU drop your underwear on to the stack of your clothing. The attendant fold and inventories your clothing, placing each item into a box. He seals the box and marks it.

“Now we need to remove all of your hair. Stephen and Mark will assist you.”

Stephen has YOU sit in a barber style chair and shaves all the hair off your head and then shaves your chest hair, back, legs, arms, under your arms, and your pubic hair.

Stephen leads YOU to a large shower.

“Please step in.”

Stephen rubs a white gel all over your body. He turns on the water and washes all remaining hair and the gel off your body. He hands YOU a towel.

As you dry yourself off, Dr. Carter approaches.

“I need you to masturbate and get rid of that tiny erection. We need you completely flaccid for the next procedure. Take a seat in that chair. The computer is loaded with porn of lads like yourself in kigurumi suits, locked in severe bondage, with a wand vibrator strapped between their legs.”

YOU are once again embarassed, but the porn that is playing does turn you on. It takes YOU a very short time to ejaculate and YOU relax back into the chair as your tiny penis shrinks to a limp dicket.

Dr. Carter shows YOU a small metal chastity cage. It is bright pink and has the modled metal shape of a woman’s vagina with a small erect clitoris and swollen pussy lips with an opening between the vaginal lips. The opening is not large enough for even your flaccid dicket to fit through and is obviously there for when YOU need to urinate. On each side of the molded metal cunt are two rows of molded flowers. Above the metal vagina is the word “SISSY” embossed in large print.

Dr. Carter places the metal chastity cage tightly onto your dicket and locks it in place. The metal cage crushes your dicket into a space of well less than half an inch, certainly preventing any erections throughout the coming week in a doll suit.

Dr. Carter pushes a giant black vibrating dildo buttplug up YOUR ass.

“We want to make sure that you always feel a big dildo stuffed up your butt.”

Dr. Carter presses a button on the doll controller. YOU feel the tingling of vibrations.

“As you can feel right now, the frat boys will be able to adjust the speed and intensity of your butt vibrations. There are several settings. Here is pulse. … Here’s sweep. … Now, time delay. … This is random. … And a special favorite, shock.… Well, that made you jump.”

Dr. Carter sets the buttplug vibrations on normal and motions to her assistant, Mark, who approaches with a giant 18″ black dildo in his hands.

“Mark will insert this mammoth manhood into your ass. As YOU can feel it slides in easily and YOU can feel it right through your specially designed doll buttplug.”

Mark slides the full 18 inches in and out of YOUR butt.

“Your doll buttplug is self-lubricating. YOU will be able to feel all of the anal fucking YOU are submitted to and even when YOU aren’t being doll fucked, YOU will still feel the enormous butt plug filling YOUR asshole.”

Dr. Carter motions for Mark to stop anally probing YOUR asshole and pull the giant 18″ black dildo out of YOUR ass.

“I will leave YOUR buttplug on random so that YOU stay anally stimulated.”

Dr. Carter motions to Stephen, who picks up a giant black dildo gag from the equipment tray.

“YOU will enjoy this.”

Dr. Carter fits the giant black dildo gag into YOUR mouth and picks the doll controller up again.

“As YOU can feel, this has all of the same vibrating settings as the buttplug. Mark, please demonstrate with the monster dildo.”

Mark pushes the giant 18″ black dildo into YOUR mouth, sliding it down YOUR throat.

“So, YOU will be able to feel any oral fucking the frat boys do and will always have a dildo stuffed into YOUR doll mouth. And, YOU will like this feature.”

Dr. Carter presses a button on the doll controller and YOU feel the dildoes in YOUR mouth and butthole growing in length.

“There are several settings. Grow and shrink, both length and girth, cut and uncut, pump, rotate. There are a variety of settings for pump to simulate various fucking styles. Each dildo can be operated in sync, see-saw mode, or completely different actions. YOU will stay stmulated and desperate for more doll sex all the time. YOUR holes are always self-lubricating and ready for easy access with a variety of vibrating settings. YOU will be the life, or life-size, love doll of the party. OK, time for the full body suit.”

Dr. Carter’s assistants help YOU into a doll suit.

Mark tells YOU to sit down in a chair. Stephen takes the doll body suit and gently places YOUR feet into the suit’s feet, one foot at a time, sliding YOUR toes into individual suit toes. Each toe has a bright red toenail.

Stephen slowly and carefully pulls the doll body suit up YOUR legs, pulling the suit smooth. There are obvious inflatable doll seams down the front and back of each leg. Black fishnet stockings are printed on the surface of the creamy white skin. To YOUR surprise, YOU can feel the pattern of the black fishnet stockings on YOUR legs as Stephen pulls the legs of the doll body suit into place.

As Stephen continues to pull the doll body suit into place, YOU notice that in addition to the seams on the front and back of the doll suit’s legs, there is also another seam that runs down the center from the waist, under the crotch, and up the back to the waist.

The artificial doll vagina includes a pussy mound (mons), blonde bush, inner and outer pussy lips (labia), erect clitoris sticking out from under a clitoral hood, urethra, and vagina. The vaginal hole is a very bright pink. In the back is an artificial doll anus.

As the doll body suit is pulled over YOUR hips, YOU begin the feel YOUR dripping wet doll pussy and open feminine doll butthole.

The doll suit is printed with black lace, open crotch panties. YOU thril at the feel of the printed on fabric and the panty lines. Over YOUR hips there is a printed on black lace garter belt.

YOU are thrilled by wearing a doll vagina and doll ass hole, and even more thrilled that YOU can feel YOUR doll pussy and ass as if YOU had been born with lady bits.

As Stephen pullls YOUR doll suit up YOUR waist YOU notice another seam making a circle completely around YOUR waist. The leg and crotch seams come to an end. YOU feel the depression of YOUR cute feminine belly button. Above the waist seam circle, there are seams on each side of YOUR doll body suit.

Stephen continues to pull YOUR doll body suit into place and YOU feel YOUR jumbo breasts with erect red nipples and red areola. As YOUR doll body suit is pulled into place, YOU can feel the weight of YOUR large doll tits and the air on YOUR doll nipples. YOUR doll body suit has a printed on black lace brassière, with open breast cut-outs. The printed on bra material creates a black lace harness underneath your tits and a triangle encasing each side of YOUR titties.

Stephen places YOUR left arm into YOUR doll suit arm while Mark does the same for YOUR right arm. YOUR fingers slide into the doll suit fingers. YOUR doll suit fingers have bright red fingernails. There are seams up the front and back of YOUR doll suit arms, ending at a seam that encircles YOUR shoulder.

YOU are excited by YOUR doll suit. YOU wonder if there is any way YOU can keep it after YOUR week as a fraternity doll ends.

The side body seams end at a seam that encircles the base of YOUR neck.

Mark zips up the back of YOUR doll suit. You can feel the valve on the center of YOUR back. Mark locks the zipper shut.

Mark and Stephen work together to place the doll head onto YOUR head. A pair of seams run up each side of YOUR doll head and up the back of YOUR doll head. They carefully place the doll head onto YOU.

Stephen locks YOUR doll head onto YOUR head and locks the base of the doll head to YOUR doll suit. YOU are now locked in until the end of YOUR week as an inflatable sex doll for multiple fraternities.

YOUR doll face has a small button nose, bright red lips shaped in the classic inflatable doll ‘O’ shape, a bright red tongue, pink flushed cheeks, bright blue eyes, slutty black eye liner, blue eye shadow, perfectly trimmed blonde eyebrows, and bright blonde hair. YOUR long blonde hair has two pig tails with red ribbons and a long blonde pony tail.

All vestiges of YOUR former male self are gone and YOU thoroughly look like a classic spread eagle inflatable love doll.

Once YOU are fully encased in the doll suit and doll head mask, Dr. Carter tells Mark to continue the demonstration.

Mark runs his hands over YOUR doll breasts, tweaking YOUR doll nipples, then swipes down to YOUR doll groin.

“YOU can feel any touch of YOUR doll body.”

Dr. Carter presses buttons on the doll controller.

“There are vibrators for both YOUR doll titties and for YOUR doll pussy. In addition to specials like the electric shock YOU already felt with YOUR buttplug, there is also pinch and the painful grip of tittie or clit clamps.”

Mark starts to finger YOUR pussy lips.

“YOU will feel any external touch to YOUR doll body, but YOU have probably noticed that the touching of YOUR doll breasts and doll genitals are heghtened. It feels just like YOU actually are the sex doll. And, notice that YOU feel the vibration settings both in YOUR vagina and on YOUR trapped and caged tiny dicklet. YOU can feel that YOUR dicklet wants to become erect, but there is no room for it to grow in YOUR metal chastity cage.”

“Mark, please demonstrate with the dildo.”

Mark slides the giant 18″ black dildo into YOUR doll pussy and starts pumping.

“Notice that the dildo slides right into YOUR body just as if you had a real vagina. YOU will feel all of the pussy fucking the frat boys do deep inside YOUR doll body. Let’s turn everything on.”

YOU swoon from all the vibrations and pumping dildoes inside YOUR doll pussy, mouth, ass, and tits and feel the 18″ external dildo as well. Stephen catches you and keeps YOU from toppling over.

Dr. Carter gestures to both of her assistants.


Mark pulls the 18″ dildo out of YOUR doll pussy and sets it aside.

Mark and Stephen take positions in front and back of YOU and unzip their trousers. Both step in and start fucking YOUR doll pussy and doll ass. YOU are being double fucked just like a real inflatable doll.

A third assistant, Eric, approaches and pumps a gas into your suit.

“This is helixate gas. Not helium, but a special gas that has much more lifting power. This makes YOU as light as any air filled inflatable sex doll.”

Mark and Stephen easily lift YOU off the ground just like any feather light inflatable sex doll and twist YOU so that Eric has easy access to YOUR doll mouth. Next thing YOU know, you are being triple fucked.

Dr. Carter pushes a button on the doll controller and YOU find YOUR doll body suddenly locked into the position of a spread eagle sex doll as the three men continue to triple fuck YOUR doll body.

“The frat boys will be able to control YOUR position. Like this. Normal standing sex doll with legs slightly spread and arms in hug position. Kneeling with arms over head. Spread eagle with arms in hug position. Spread eagle with arms behind YOUR back. Spread eagle with arms over YOUR head. There are dozens of more settings that I assure the frat boys will try out. They can set YOU to walk to a specific person and kneel ready to give a blow job or pussy licking. They can set YOU to do a variety of sexy walks and struts. They can set YOU to perform any dance style, of course including stripper and pole dancer. They can set YOU to do maid work. And the default is full on spread eagle bondage position, like this.”

Dr. Carter joins the triple doll fucking YOU are currently experiencing and slides the giant 18″ black dildo and a wand vibrator on YOUR doll tits.

YOU feel the three different fucking styles of each of the men. YOU feel the flow of their sticky cum as each of them ejaculates into YOUR three doll holes.

Eric casually hands YOU over to Dr. Carter, who flips YOU upside down. She starts kissing and licking and sucking YOUR doll groin, doll outer pussy lips, doll inner pussy lips, and doll clitoris.

Dr. Carter unzips and drops skirt and presses YOUR doll mouth into her dripping wet hotbox. YOU find that YOU automatically react without any of YOUR own thoguht by immediately starting to lick her pussy with YOUR doll tongue and suck on her clit with YOUR doll mouth and lips in hot lesbian 69. YOU bring Dr. Carter to multiple orgasms.

While YOU have experienced a great deal of sexual stimulation, YOU haven’t experienced a doll orgasm. YOU ask about your own orgasms. YOU notice that YOUR voice is hgh pitched like an exaggerated girlie-girlie sex doll.

“Oh, we had orgasms turned off. Here are some intense multiple orgasms in YOUR doll pussy, ass, mouth, tits and full body.”

YOU find YOURSELF screaming in pleasure at the orgasms.

“YOUR voice is also controlled. The default setting is that YOU can only do dolly moans, shrieks, cries, sobs, squeaks, squawks, grunts, cheeps, wails, whoops, whimpers, groans, squeals, screams, even girlie giggles.”

“YOU can be set to beg for specific or random sex acts. YOU can be set for sexual compliments. YOU can be set for any kind of talk that is directly related to one of YOUR doll functions. YOU will find that YOU can’t engage in any other kind of speech and have no ability to express any thoguhts that aren’t directly doll related. If YOU are in school girl mode or sexy teacher mode, YOU can help the frat boys with their homework, but YOU can’t go off topic except for sex talk. YOU can express YOUR feelings if a woman asks what YOU are feeling, but that is the limit on any of expressing any of YOUR non-doll related thoughts.”

YOU are overwhelmed by the multiple orgasms to the point that YOUR trapped and caged dicklet leaks cum. The doctor puts YOUR doll body down on a table, with YOU in a seated position, YOUR doll eyes looking directly at Dr. Carter as she pulls her skirt back on, adjusting her skirt and lab coat in a prim and proper scientific manner as if the hot doll sex hadn’t just happened.

“The frat boys will be able to use this controller to give YOU immediate orgasms, set YOUR sensitivity level for various parts of YOUR body for immediate orgasm at the slightest touch, through a wide variety of sensitity levels all the way down to completely off so that YOU are sexually frustrated.”

The assistants start prepping YOUR doll body to be presentable when delivered to the first frat house. YOU are dressed into a skimpy maid costume that shows off YOUR doll tits, pussy, and ass. Extreme high heels are locked onto YOUR doll feet. Dildoes are slid into all three of YOUR doll holes. A ball gag with full leather head harness is locked onto YOUR doll head holding the dildo inside YOUR doll mouth, deep throating YOUR doll throat. A metal female chastity is locked onto YOUR doll waist, groin, and upper legs holding the dildoes tightly in YOUR doll ass and doll pussy. Nipple clamps are placed on YOUR jumbo doll breats. YOUR doll wrists are locked together in leather wrist cuffs. YOUR doll arms are locked behind YOUR back in a leather armbinder. YOUR doll ankles are locked into leather ankle cuffs which are locked onto an adjustable metal leg spreader.

“YOU don’t have to worry about breathing, eating, drinking, or any other bodily functions. Good quality air is automatically pumped through the inside of YOUR mouth dildo. Also, food and drink are pumped in. The frat boys can feed YOU and the food will pass through and they can give YOU beverages, including lots of beer. YOU will get intoxicated from any alcohol they provide YOU. YOU can get high from their bongs, joints, or edibles. They can even shoot drugs of their choice into YOUR arms. There are fail safes to prevent overdoses or anything toxic or poisonous or even addiction — other than sex addcition, of course. YOUR urine and feces are dissolved while still inside YOUR body and transformed into an inert, colorless, odorless oxygen, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, and water vapor gas that is discretely released. As special features, YOU can breathe out high quality cannabis when someone kisses YOUR doll mouth and YOU can piss out high quality alcoholic beverages from YOUR doll urethra on voice command. The seal on YOUR doll suit is so strong that YOU can safely be sent into space. We do have a contract with NASA and ESA, if YOU want to return for a six month duty cycle in the new International Space Station that wil be built next year.”

“YOU are ready for both men and women. YOU will notice that YOU can hear, smell, see, feel, and taste, even feel balance, spatial orientation, body position, pain, hunger, thirst, suffocation, and nausea. You will notice that YOU can hear even extremely quite sounds and survive even extremely loud sounds and hear from the lowest sounds of a whale to the high pitched ultrasounds of a bat or dolphin. Yes, YOU can echo locate just like they do. YOU have 16 different color receptors, including two in the infrared range and two in the ultraviolet range. YOU can detect electrical and magnetic waves, air moisture, and polarized light. YOU automatically record YOUR sexual experiences and stream them live through the internet. YOU can broadcast radio and TV signals, as well as receive and interpret the entire radio spectrum. YOU can even act as a magnet or give off electricity. When YOU aren’t fucking, YOUR pussy, ass, mouth, tits, belly button, fingers, and toes can be used as USB chargers for dozens of phones at once and YOU never run out of electricity. The frat boys can even plug in other devices, no matter how much electricity they draw. YOU are always connected to the internet and can surf the web, including connecting to paid and premium content. YOU can record all of YOUR sexual experiences as well as anything from the internet and transmit any of it through wi-fi or cables to any phone, tablet, computer, TV, or other device.”

“If they open up your belly, there is a full tablet/phone/laptop computer and backup controller. You have all the operating systems and apps preloaded.”

YOU are carried to a large wooden crate. The crate is marked “Candy in Bondage the Slutty Magical Spread Eagle Inflatable Sex Doll”. There is a large photo of a doll that looks exactly like YOU.

YOU read the advertising messages emblazed on the front, back, top, and sides of the wooden crate.

Candy has a realistic anime head, breast, feet, and hands.

Candy’s multispeed vaginal, anal, and oral vibrators have 10 different vibrating functions.

You can choose between three orifices.

Busty Boobs

Three hole design

She is 5 foot 2″ and can support up to 500 pounds.

She can please you with all three of her orifices.

Candy has jointed arms that allow her to pose in various bondage positions.

Candy looks like a real woman with a cute anime face, glowing blue eyes, and glossy blonde hair.

Her firm breasts allow for easy and realistic fondling.

Her textured holes offer vibrations and uniquely different sensations.

Candy has flowing blonde hair, delicate eyelashes, and realistic hands.

Candy has multispeed vibrators to intensify the stimulation.

Candy is perfect those looking for a high-quality budget doll.

Her tiny and flexible waist is easy to grip.

Candy can please you with all three of her orifices.

Candy is your fuck friend

Candy is the love doll with premium molded features.

Full Color and Life-Like

Take me in my pussy, ass, and mouth

Life-Like Pussy and Ass

Fuck Me Hard and Fast!

Take Me in My Tight Ass

Be the First in My Wet Pussy

I’m Ready For My Extreme Close Up Baby!

4 Color Love Doll

3 Love Passages

I’m a Golden Goddess!

Spread ’em Love Doll

Full Color and Life-Size

My Legs are Spread and Ready to Take it Deep!

Fuck My Face!

Mega Masturbator

Floats in water

Flesh-like Vinyl body

Just Add Air Completely Life-Like in Every Detail

3 Tempting Holes

Inflatable Love Doll

Large Breasts with Erect Nipples

Please fuck me until you cum

Please cum in my tight little ass

3 Thrilling Love Holes

Luxury Sex Doll

Candy just loves to take it doggie style

Life-Size Inflatable Doll

She has a slim waist that’s easy to grip.

3 Love Openings of Pleasure

Love Doll with Fuckable Big Tits

Ride Me Hard!

Filthy Love Doll

3 Hungry Love Holes!

I’ve Got The Body You Crave!

Long, Lean, Limber Legs

Take Me! I Want It Hard!

I Want You All Night Long!

Hot, Tight, and Ready!

I’m HOT for Cock!

Big Tits Love Doll

Lifelike Pussy & Ass!

Temptation Just Got Crazy

Big Bust Babe

I’ve Got the Tits, You Got the Cock!

Nasty Life Size Inflatable Love Doll With Voluptuous Breasts

She has a real candy cooch!

3 tasty Love Holes

I want you now!

Titty-Fuck Me All Night Long!

Full Sized Blow Up Doll

3 Hot and Tight Holes

Young, Tight, and Ready to Please!

Gotta Tap That Ass!

Teen Queen Love Doll

I’ll Be Your Teenage Wet Dream

My Tight Sweet Pussy is Wet &ls Ready For You!

Inflatable Passion Doll

Juicy Juggs

Cum on My Tits!

3 Amazing Pleasure Holes

3 Tender Love Openings To Satisfy You Orally, Vaginally, and Anally

This Seductive Slut Gets Down and Dirty!

She’s A High-Class Piece of Ass

Full Breasts

Torrid Ass

Luscious Ass

Passion Pussy

The Perfect Party Dolls

My Life-Like Face Is Begging For You!

Touch My Firm Nipples

Squeeze My Voluptuous Breasts

Gorgeous 4-Color Love Doll

3 Succulent Holes

Take me to bed tonight!

Satisfy Yourself Orally, Vaginally, or Anally!

Doggie Style Orgasmic Love Doll

Bug Tits with Hard, Pink Nipples

Come Fuck My Mouth, Pussy and Ass!

I’m Open & Ready For You

Your Wish Is My Command

Inflatable Doll with Realistic Features and Moaning Sounds

Her Body’s A Temple of Pleasure

The Love Doll Who Loves to Fuck and Suck

Luscious Pouting Mouth

Full Breasts with Hard Nipples

Juicy Pussy

Succulent Anus

Glow-in-the-Dark Erogenous Zones

Eyebrows · Hair · Lips · Breasts · Pussy · Stockings

Playful Inflatable Love Doll

Titties Like a Porn Star

Tight Pussy Can Take A Pounding

Fuck My Ass Pussy or Mouth

I’m on my knees ready to please

textured pussy

Let Me Feel You Throb Inside Me

Fuck Me with Your Big League Boner!

Life-Size Love Doll

Back Door Babe

College Party Doll

YOU are lifted and placed into the large wooden crate.

You can see a wide variety of sex toys of all kinds of shapes, size, and colors strapped into the crate with you. YOU are already in full bondage, but they tighten and lock leather straps around YOUR head, neck, above and below YOUR doll titties, YOUR waist, YOUR hips, and YOUR legs to keep YOUR doll body from moving around inside the crate during transport.

“I am setting all of YOUR vibrators and dildoes on random settings so that YOU feel a wide variety of sexual stimulation in YOUR mouth, throat, titties, pussy, ass, feet, even your whole body. I am setting YOUR sensitivity to touch at the maximum, but turning off YOUR ability to have orgasms. Once an hour YOU will have ten minutes of uncontrollable multiple orgams in a randomly selected location. YOU will be at a mximum sexual desire when YOU arrive at the frat house. Three hours before YOUR scheduled arrival at the frat house YOU will have orgasms turned off. YOU better hope there aren’t any traffic delays. And YOU better hope there isn’t a long delay before they unbox YOU and start the fun. And YOU better hope they decide to set YOUR controller so YOU can experience orgasms.”

Dr. Carter placed YOUR doll controller into the slot in YOUR crate.

“And now YOU are an official Candy in Bondage the Slutty Magical Spread Eagle Inflatable Sex Doll ready for transport. Enjoy YOUR week with several different fraternities that have paid to enjoy YOUR services and use YOUR doll body in hazing of new recruits. Men, if you wil please close up the crate and load it for transport.”


YOU are transported inside YOUR wooden doll case by truck, helicopter, ship, plane, and truck to the Sigma Chi fraternity.

rich fraternity

YOU are fucked by 25 guys at the Sigma Chi fraternity.

black fraternity

YOU are fucked by 30 guys at the Kappa Psi Eta fraternity.

Hispanic fraternity

YOU are fucked by 71 guys at the Lambda Nu Psi fraternity.


YOU are fucked by 36 girls at the Epsilon Lambda Xi sorority.


They found out that they aren’t going to be able to change YOU back to human, so they give YOU the choice about where to go.

YOU pick the nerd fraternity because you figure that they will be desperate enough to keep fucking you./p>

Nerd fraternity

YOU are fucked by 49 guys at the Lambda Lambda Lambda fraternity.

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